Dental Financing - Queens


We offer dental financing through Wells Fargo Financing, Carecredit and Lending Club

Applying to Wells Fargo is as easy as texting "Apply" to 49854. Go to your cellphone, type in the number 49854 and text "Apply"

At Austin Dental Plus, we determine the cost of each and every treatment based on standard prices in our borough. Our staff will present to you the cost of the treatment at the time we propose the treatment plan. We can review with you the cost of each procedure that is needed, and explain our various payment options.

One of the lenders we offer financing through is Care Credit. Care Credit is an independent, third party financing company that offers means of payment for health and wellness expenses. With the reputation of being North America’s leader for patient financing, Care Credit allows a patient to have a procedure performed right away.


If you would like more information about the different forms of payment accepted at Austin Dental Plus or third-party financing options, then call our office at 718-544-5055.


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